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Four Channel Power Analyzer: LMG450 – by ZES ZIMMER


Multi Channel Power Analyzer

Typical Applications:

Measurements on three-phase motors and drives, power supplies with multiple in/outputs, transformer efficiency and vector groups, easy and accurately power measuring in switchgears, universal meter for power electronic and energy analysis.

  • Four independent current and voltage channels
  • Isolated measurement inputs with extremely low capacitance against earth to assure high dynamics CMR and interference immunity
  • Absolutely gap-free measuring process
  • Harmonic and interharmonic analysis up to the 99th harmonic resp. up to 99 interharmonics
  • Analog und digital in/outputs
  • Additional inputs for current sensors
  • Auto-scaling current sensors compensated in phase and amplitude
  • PC interfaces, memory-card slot, floppy drive
  • Graphical colour display to show 4 to 8 measured values, wave form, diagrams of calculated values, bar charts and vector diagrams (fresnel diagrams)
  • Ergonomic user friendly interface
  • Formula editor
  • LabVIEW driver
Model LMG450
Channels 1 – 4
Frequency DC – 20kHz
Basic accuracy 0.1%
Voltage ranges 6 – 600V
Current ranges 0.6 – 16A
Interfaces RS232, Printer (optional: IEEE 488, Process signals)
Warranty 2 years


Available options

L45-O1 IEEE488.2 Interfaces
L45-O2USB USB-Slot (USB-Sticks only)
L45-O3 Process signal interface
L45-O4 Flicker meter acc. to EN61000-4-15
L45-O5 Monitoring transients
L45-O6(-MEM) Star to delta conversion
L45-O7 Memory extension for scope
L45-O8 Harmonics up to 99th
L45-O12 Special adjustment for active power measurement on transformers and other reactances (Info Sheet)
L45-O15 Modification of voltage input: max. allowed trms value 1000V in biggest measuring range
L45-O16 MotorTorque-Sof (Info Sheet)

Available Accessories:

L45-Z01 Kit to mount LMG450 into 19″-rack
L45-Z02 Carrying / tilting handle bar
L45-Z04 Carrying case
L45-Z09 Adapter BNC to HD15 for isolating current sensors with voltage output
L45-Z13 Master-slave cable, length 1m
L45-Z18 Adapter for incremental speed sensor onto LMG450 measuring channel (HD15 sensor input)
L45-Z22 Adapter safety plug to HD15 for isolating current sensors with current output up to 1,2Apk
L45-Z318 RS232 – Ethernet – converter, 10/100Mbit (LAN Driver download)