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HST Precision Wideband High Voltage Divider


The wide band precision high voltage divider of series HST expand the voltage measuring range of ZES ZIMMER precision power meter LMG for use at nominal voltages over 1000V. The high voltage inputs are equipped with 2m leads that are attached to the voltage measured against earth. The open leads can be finished by the customer. The HST3 (resp. HST6/9/12) divides DC, AC or any distorted voltages with very high accuracy by the factor 1000 (resp. 2000/3000/4000). The divided voltage is available at the buffered low impedance BNC output. To avoid noise interference it is recommended to use shielded cables to the measuring input of the LMG. The HST can be delivered as one-, two- or three-channel version to match the particular measuring task.

Typical Applications

The one-channel HSTx-1 is used in single-ended systems (e.g. ultrasonic applications). For floating (difference) voltage measuring (e.g. discharge lamps, plasma applications) the two-phase HST is best suitable. The difference between the two measuring points can be measured as difference between the output signals of the channels. Typical application fields for the three-channel HSTx-3 are frequency inverter-fed medium voltage drives and voltage harmonics. The high voltage dividers are not suitable to measure on the grid!


  • Precise measurement up to 20kV peak voltage
  • DC to 300kHz bandwidth
  • Negligible phase error, therefore very suitable for wideband power measuring
  • One-, two- and three-phase version