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With an unbeatable combination of a small pocket-sized form factor, a high-resolution color LCD display, and some of the lowest pricing in the industry, the OWLTrek OTDR from OWL is the WISE choice for cost-conscious buyers who only need to perform basic troubleshooting or restoration tasks on multimode optical fiber networks. All this from an OTDR that really is pocket-sized and fair priced, yet having comparable features and specifications to other OTDRs in its class.

Affordability. In a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify equipping an entire technical staff with high-end equipment, companies are even more cost-conscious than before. These companies outfit a majority of their installation/repair personnel with OWLTrek OTDRs, and set aside a few high-end “expert” devices for high-priority jobs.

Key Specifications:

  • Output wavelength options: 850 and 1300nm
  • Dynamic range: 23 dB (850nm) / 25 dB (1300nm)
  • Event Dead Zone: 2 meters (typical)
  • Attenuation Dead Zone: 7 meters (typical)
  • User-selectable Pulse Width: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 meters
  • Distance Range: 20 km
  • OTDR port: SC/UPC
  • VFL port: 2.5mm universal


Automatic event location is an advanced feature normally found only in expensive, high-end OTDRs. The OWLTrek OTDR now brings this feature to the entry-level OTDR market.

The OWLTrek OTDR includes an event table showing the location, type, reflectance level, and loss of each event.  Users can select an event to view, and automatically zoom in on the event on the OTDR display



The OWLTrek OTDR may be pocket-sized, but the large 2.8” high-resolution color LCD display can show even the longest traces with ease. And, for greater viewing flexibility and trace detail, OWL has implemented state-of-the-art MEMS technology which “flips” the high-resolution color LCD display between portrait and landscape mode automatically. In landscape mode, a wider viewing area means greater viewing detail when zooming in on events.


OWLView software allows the user to download stored traces from the OWLTrek OTDR to a PC.

Features include:

  • Event analysis
  • Data storage using Telcordia GR-196 2.0 file format
  • Printed reports for hard-copy record keeping
  • Help menu with links to manuals, quick reference guides, and videos


Live mode is another advanced feature normally found in high-end OTDRs.  Live mode continuously shoots OTDR traces every few seconds, allowing users to monitor changes in the optical fiber in real-time.

In addition, when the OWLTrek is attached to a PC, OWLView software includes a Live Viewer mode that takes the OTDR trace and expands it onto the PC display for easier viewing.

**- factors that limit OTDR distance range include splices, interconnections, fiber quality, fiber attenuation, and other loss inducing events such as micro-bends and macro-bends

  • OWLTrek Multimode OTDR
  • Integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL) port
  • Hard-shell carrying case
  • USB download cable
  • Battery charger (US only)
  • USB flash drive with OWLView trace software, USB driver, product manuals, and product videos


SKU Description Wave length Dynamic Range (Distance) *

Integrated VFL

All specifications are preliminary

WTO-M85 OWLTrek 850 850nm 21 dB (12 miles)* Yes
WTO-M13 OWLTrek 1300 1300nm 25 dB (12 miles)* Yes
WTO-M83 OWLTrek 850/1300 850/1300nm 23/25 dB (12 miles)* Yes


SKU # Length Fiber Type Connector Type
DZB-M6-450 450 meters 62.5/125 multimode SC/UPC
DZB-M5-450 450 meters 50/125 multimode SC/UPC


* Dynamic Range / Distance: OWLTrek multimode OTDRs are capable of finding breaks in multimode optical fibers up to 12 miles to within +/- 6 feet. Additional splices and other loss producing events will limit end distance estimates.  This is true for all OTDRs.  However, passive multimode links are rarely longer than 1.25 miles long!  At that short distance, OWLTrek has break-finding capability of about +/- 1 meter!  In fact, increased dynamic range is actually a disadvantage in almost all cases because of the increased OTDR cost (usually thousands of dollars more).