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PON Power Meter

PON Power Meter

The PON-2M PON power meter allows users to simultaneously measure signals upstream (1310nm) from the ONT and downstream (1490nm & 1550nm) from the OLT in FTTH/PON networks.

Up to 100 data points can be stored in internal memory, which can be recalled on the LCD display at a later time. As an additional option, models are available that allow users to also export test results to a PC in Excel spreadsheet format via USB cable.

Up to 10 threshold sets can be stored in internal memory, allowing users to measure PON signals against pre-set
thresholds based on different measurement points in the FTTH network.

This unit runs 36 hours on 3 AAA batteries, and has 10-minute shutdown feature.

Key Benefits:

  • Hand-held PON power meter
  • NIST Traceable
  • Simultaneous measurement of PON signals

                  – Upstream (from ONT): 1310nm
                  – Downstream (from OLT): 1490 & 1550nm

  • Data storage for up to 100 data points
  • Optional USB data download capability
  • Stores up to 10 threshold sets
  • 36 hour battery life (3 AAA batteries)
  • 10-minute auto-shutdown

Key Specifications:

Meas. Range                                           1310: +10 to -35 dBm
1490: +10 to -50 dBm
1550: +25 to -45 dBm
 ORL                                                           35 dB

Pass-through IL                                    < 1.5 dB

Accuracy                                                 ±0.5 dB (burst signal)
±0.2 dB
Threshold Sets                                     10

Data Storage                                         100

Connectors                                            SC

Auto Power Off                                    Yes

Battery Charge                                    Yes

Operation Time                                 ~36 hours

Stor. Temp.                                          -20 to +60° C

Op. Temp.                                             -10 to +50° C

Op./Stor.   Hum.                                 90% relative

Power Supply                                      (3) AAA batteries or AC adapter

Size                                                         7.48” x 3.54” x 1.57”

Weight                                                 ~1 pound