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High input impedance 1000MΩ

  • 4000 counts
  • Best accuracy0.3%
  • K type thermocouple temperature measurement -20℃ – 300℃
  • Frequency measurement
    ※Input voltage:20VACrms and uder
    ※Input signal:sign wave or square wave with 40% – 70%duty
    ※Input sensivity:10Hz-20kHz/0.9Vrms and above
         :20kHz-500kHz/2.6Vp or 1.9Vrms and above
         :500kHz~1MHz/4.2Vp or 3Vrms and above
  • Max value hold
  • Auto power off (30min,)(cancelable)
  • Alarm for importer test lead insertion to current terminal
  • Protective holster with wall hanger and lead holder
  • Tilt stand


High input impedance 1000MΩ


  • 3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count
  • 0.3% best accuracy
  • AC True RMS ※RD701 only
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Not suitable for measurement of condensers with large leak   current.
  • K type temperature
  • Optional accessory K-AD is necessary.
  • K type temp. sensor K-250PC is included as a standard ac  cessory
  • Frequency measurement
  • Input voltage : 20VACrms and under
  • Input signal : sign wave or square wave with 40%-70% duty
  • Input sensitivity :
    • 10Hz〜20kHz/0.9Vrms and above
    • 20kHz〜500kHz/2.6Vp or 1.9Vrms and above
    • 500kHz〜1MHz/4.2Vp or 3Vrms and above
  • ADP function (for current sensor)
  • Max recording measurement
  • Data hold / Range hold  ■Relative value
  • Auto power off (30min.) (cancelable)
  • Alarm for improper test lead insertion to current  terminal
  • Protective holster with wall hanger and lead  holder
  • Tilt stand
  • Display : numeral display 4000 (Hz : 9999, capacitance : 5000)
  • Sampling rate : 3 times / sec. (Hz : 2 times / sec.)
  • AC frequency bandwidth : 50〜500Hz


Clamp probe : CL124, CL140, CL-20D, CL-22AD, CL33DC
HV probe : HV-60
Temperature probe : K-8-800, K-8-650, K-8-300, K-8-500, K-8-250
K type adapter : K-AD
Test lead : TL-21M, TLF-120
Carrying case : C-CD
Clip adapter : CL-11, CL-13, CL-15, CL-DG3a, TL-8IC


RD700 Measuring range Best accuracy Resolution Input impedance
DCV 400m/4/40/400/1000V ±(0.3%+4) 0.1mV 10M~1000MΩ
ACV 400m/4/40/400/1000V ±(1.5%+5) 0.1mV
DCA 400μ/4000μ/40m/400m/4/10A ±(1.2%+3) 0.1μA  
ACA 400μ/4000μ/40m/400m/4/10A ±(1.5%+4) 0.1μA
Resistance 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40MΩ ±(0.6%+4) 0.1Ω
Capacitance 500n/5μ/50μ/500μ/3000μF ±(2.5%+6) 0.1nF
Temperature -20°C~300°C ±(2%+3) 1°C
Frequency 50Hz~1MHz ±(0.5%+4) 0.01Hz
Continuity Buzzer sounds at between 20Ω and 120Ω. Open voltage:Approx.0.4V
Diode test Open voltage:approx.1.6V
Display numeral display 4000(Hz:9999, capacitance:5000)
Sampling rate 3 times/sec.(Hz:2 times/sec.)
Bandwidth 50~500Hz
Fuse 12.5A/500V IR20kA Φ6.3×32mm
0.63A/500V IR50kA Φ6.3×32mm
Battery 6F22(9V)×1
Size/Mass H179×W87×D55mm/460g(including holster)